Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy

Volume 1

The Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy's first and second volume of its first edition, published Fall of 2014. The Inaugural issue of the JGPP's publications begins with an introduction from the Journal's advisor, Jeffrey Brauch who writes a Welcome to the Regent Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy. Following his welcome are two articles, Legitimate Persecution: The Effect of Asylum's Nexus Clause by Nichola Bolzman and The Politicization of the Cameroon Judicial System by Bonaventure F. Ndifor. After the two articles come two student notes, Let Girls Be Born Elsewhere: Sex Selective Abortion in India and the Need for Self-Regulation Within the Medical Profession by Erica Harrigan and Funny Money: Why Bitcoin Does Not Warrant Increased Governmental Regulation by Aaron Lindquist. Finally, the Journal includes two articles written for its annual symposium: Advancing the Rule of Law in East Africa: Overcoming Barriers by Brian P. Dennison and Lesson Learned from African Law and Culture by Dickson Ogwang. The second issue includes five articles with three student notes. The five articles are as follows: Kermit Gosnell's Babies: Abortion, Infanticide and Looking Beyond the Masks of the Law by Richard F. Duncan; The Rights-Bearing Child's Best Interests: Implications of the…
September 1, 2014