The History of the JGJPP

The Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy (JGJPP) was established in 2014. The JGJPP is committed to publishing interdisciplinary scholarship critically analyzing the significant social challenges and the persistent legal issues affecting the marginalized, disenfranchised, indigent, and abused, and works in association with the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.  The JGJPP is the successor to two former Regent University School of Law journals, which subsequently were coalesced: Regent Journal of International Law (RJIL) and Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy (RJLPP).

There were two precursors to the JGJPP, the Regent Journal of International Law (RJIL) and the Regent Journal of Legal Public Policy (RJLPP).

RJLPP was established in 2009.  RJLPP’s purpose was to provide an alternative publication for academics, attorneys and law students who were interested in examining the formation and consequences of legally-binding public policies due primarily to judicial opinions and court precedents.

RJIL was established in 2003. RJIL’s purpose was to consider how the transcendent principles of justice have influenced the modern enforcement and development of international law – especially the natural and normative theories of international law in the second-half of the twentieth century that gave rise to the international human rights movement.